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What can you use the Irmatiq for?

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Communication and automation of processes in companies that carry out crowdinvesting issues or crowdfunding collections. Also NGOs.

Raise funds with equity crowdfunding or crowdlending.

Report to a distributed group of stakeholders like investors, donors, sponsors, supporters, subscribers.

Fundraising (including recurring) from a community of clients, donors or fans.

Document management for a project or investment. Facilitate document flow and online signing.

Build relationships with investors, donors or subscribers - in a nutshell, stakeholders.

Automation of financing processes: recurring payment of interest, dividends or debt repayments.

A quick overview of statistics related to funding and stakeholder communication.

Share your problems or challenges with us - we will try to help :)

Where can you use Irmatiq?

We thrive when a project is funded or supported by multiple investors or stakeholders

Companies before and after equity crowdfunding

Debt- companies after and before crowdlending

Investor Groups

Foundations and NGOs funded by donors

Real Estate ventures funded by multiple investors

Projects financed by communities

One-stop shop for fundraising and multi-stakeholder relationship management

Quick to implement, easy to use, innovative


Benefits of Irmatiq

We know what you need. We have experience in running projects with numerous stakeholder groups, investors and clients. We also work with various companies and foundations to provide all the necessary elements to streamline day-to-day work.

Huge time savings

You and your team will spend up to 50% less time on investor management and administration. Especially when your investors number is in the hundreds.

Less bureaucracy

Spend the time you save through automation on building your business, nurturing stakeholder relationships or simply relaxing

Reduce the cost of capital

Doing the issue/campaign yourself, reiterating or cyclically raising capital from stakeholders can impact savings and speed up the process.

Process under control

Manage stakeholder and investor relationship in a structured way. Manage your team access and tasks

Better investor relations

Better and faster service is a good step towards building relationships with investors. And a happy investor may become your brand ambassador or simply be more likely to invest again

...a little peace and order

Fundraising can be stressful. It's worth easing your mind with a convenient tool that helps you structure your work.

What's inside


Easy way to report to your investors or stakeholders


Full workflow for financing your business or project. Stocks, loans, bonds, donations.


Document management flow for your project or investment

Before Irmatiq

  • ❌ Sensitive data in different sheets
  • ❌ Documentation in several folders on computer and office binders
  • ❌ Communication through various emails and unsuited marketing tools
  • ❌ Manual processing of thousands of transfers each interest period
  • ❌ Lack of statuses in communication (some users did not receive a reply or funds on time)
  • ❌ Lots of repetitive, time-consuming work, also after hours
  • ❌ Little time to build quality relationships, which is what matters most

With Irmatiq

  • ✔️ All stakeholder data in one secure location
  • ✔️ Documents assigned to investors or funding rounds
  • ✔️ Digitisation of the process
  • ✔️ Less time spent on repetitive processes and administration, more quality work on relationships
  • ✔️ Control over the organisation of issuance or fundraising
  • ✔️ A tool specifically designed for relationships, to focus on what really matters
  • ✔️ Professional image

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